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Muzzleloaders and Antique/Classic Firearms

Beretta SO6 EL Over/Under Shotgun

Shotguns are cool and when it’s a Beretta SO6 EL we are talking about, nothing can compete with it because no other company creates as reliable and flashy guns as the good ol’ Beretta. The first of its kind was made in 1933 and it received a worldwide acclaim partly because of its classy looks and mostly due to its massive power and hard-wearing nature.

The S06 EL model was developed only in 12-gauge but it can support a wide variety of shotgun cartridges and is mainly used for hunting purposes. Moreover, this gun has a 70 mm chamber and F/MC chokes that enhance its performance and improve its accuracy. SO6 has a true side-lock system that can be removed with the aid of thumbscrews in order to take a look at the firing system and to clean it up when need be. Furthermore, the receiver comes with silver finishing that makes it look stunning. As far as the grip is concerned, one can either install a pistol grip or a straight grip. You can have anything you like because both are designed to provide a comfortable shooting experience.

SO6 weighs more than 7lbs, but it’s no surprise, considering the generous use of walnut briarwood and its solid steel barrel. However, it’s the standard weight and it can fluctuate, depending upon the size of the barrel. What really appeals to the eye in this rifle is the metal engraving on the wood which gives it a touch of elegance, class and antiquity. Other than the standard features and equipment, comes a beautiful leather case that can be used to store accessories.

This tremendous rifle is not so easy to get unless you are willing to spend $18000. But, let me tell you that if you do spend such an enormous amount on this gun, it’ll be worth it.

Hunting and Winchester Rifles – A perfect match!

Winchester model 70

Being equipped with a classic rifle elevates the level of fun and adventure while hunting. And when it comes to hunting deer, there is no match for the Winchester rifles. Back in the day, they were a pretty big deal. Even today, they are considered as classics and any hunter with a passion for antique rifles would love to get his hands on one of these.

Speaking of Winchesters, the most famous rifle available today is the Winchester model 70 Bolt Action. Initially introduced in 1936 by the W.R.A.C, it was and still is recognized as one of the best hunting rifles. Winchester model 70 is a 24 inch walnut clad and blued steel rifle with a novel 3-position safety system. This system allows you to cycle the unfired cartridges even when the safety is on and helps you determine the safety status of your gun.

Moreover, this amazing rifle has a blade-type trajectory which means that the shell case doesn’t fly out speedily while pulling the bolt back to reload the rifle. But, that’s not the best part. The forged steel receiver in the rifle really makes it a sensational firearm. Think about it. Solid steel! It couldn’t get any better! The receiver is designed very precisely so as to counter any flexing and provide maximum accuracy.

Besides all this, the Winchester model 70 rarely gets jammed. This is because of its classic CRF (controlled round feed) design. The purpose of this design is to cover the cartridge and hold it tightly till it moves from the magazine to the chamber so that it may not get stuck along the way. It is due to this awesome feature that this rifle was given the title of ‘Bolt-Action Rifle of the Century’.

Model 70 was developed as a .270 caliber rifle. This made it a light recoil rifle as compared to other contemporary firearms. Lighter recoiling means easy handling. With the capability to move at a speed of 3600 feet per second, its 90-grain projectile possesses more than 2500 foot pounds of energy. This much power makes it easier for a hunter to take out a mule deer even at distances like 700 or 800 meters.

To enhance your hunting experience, you can add a rifle scope which will assist in hitting those long range targets.  Another ease the Winchester 70 is so great as it can easily be customized to fit such gadgets. You can get an effective rifle scope from online retail stores or any hunting sports shop.

With so many cool features, Winchester model 70 is rightly called the “Rifleman’s Rifle”.

BSA Antique Air Rifles

“We are to run with the hounds and hunt with the hare.” Well! It’s just an expression used in “The Ice Candy Man”. Hunting! With hunting comes to mind guns and if these guns are antique, it gives a more dramatic touch. Surely there are a number of latest and fine guns but some of us like to keep the past alive. Antique rifles are love if you are into them. There is a wide variety of antique rifles available for keen hands and among those are the famous BSA air rifles which are solid, accurate and fun to use.

Not everyone gets the family rifle handed down for generations. But, one can still buy them and satisfy their desire of keeping them or use them for hunting. Talking about these fine BSA air rifles, most of them are .177 caliber but some of the rare ones are .22 caliber. Starting from the best, there is an “Improved model d” which was manufactured between 1912 and 13. A total of 80 000 BSA air rifles were produced before World War I and the models were continuously improved, so this one got the inscription “Improved model d”. In that time, these rifles were very advanced, because they had a fixed barrel for accuracy. This gun was designed by Lincoln Jeffries and it is exquisitely made from steel and walnut with adjustable sights. It is among those less common number 2 bores and .22 caliber.

BSA Air Rifle Improved model d

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It is 45 inches long and was specifically designed for hunting. It is beautiful in appearance as well. Its smooth metal capped butt and a diamond hatch pattern on the wood stock highlights its grandeur. It is original with no new parts. This BSA antique rifle is really something.

Other BSA air rifles are also good for hunting despite being really old. One such antique rifle is the L model. It’s a high-quality under lever air rifle originally made in 1934 and it is .177 caliber, same as most of the BSA rifles. As antique collectors know that the best antique gun is the one with most of its original finish and which is in good working condition as well. This rifle fits this criteria. It is also one of the last 600 BSA air rifles that were manufactured. Another model that works fine is the BSA “Cadet” model. It was made in 1952 and is also a .177. Besides being completely genuine, it shoots really well!

Antique rifles are not necessarily meant for real use. They can also be used to add to the dignity of your living room. There is a “Breakdown” model which is quiet good in this prospect. Manufactured in 1933, it is .177 caliber and the amazing thing is that it is one of the first 2000 BSA breakbarrels.

One can never expect a perfect piece because they are really old. There might be some defects or their parts might have been changed to keep them in working condition. But remember, “old is gold”.