Shotguns are cool and when it’s a Beretta SO6 EL we are talking about, nothing can compete with it because no other company creates as reliable and flashy guns as the good ol’ Beretta. The first of its kind was made in 1933 and it received a worldwide acclaim partly because of its classy looks and mostly due to its massive power and hard-wearing nature.

The S06 EL model was developed only in 12-gauge but it can support a wide variety of shotgun cartridges and is mainly used for hunting purposes. Moreover, this gun has a 70 mm chamber and F/MC chokes that enhance its performance and improve its accuracy. SO6 has a true side-lock system that can be removed with the aid of thumbscrews in order to take a look at the firing system and to clean it up when need be. Furthermore, the receiver comes with silver finishing that makes it look stunning. As far as the grip is concerned, one can either install a pistol grip or a straight grip. You can have anything you like because both are designed to provide a comfortable shooting experience.

SO6 weighs more than 7lbs, but it’s no surprise, considering the generous use of walnut briarwood and its solid steel barrel. However, it’s the standard weight and it can fluctuate, depending upon the size of the barrel. What really appeals to the eye in this rifle is the metal engraving on the wood which gives it a touch of elegance, class and antiquity. Other than the standard features and equipment, comes a beautiful leather case that can be used to store accessories.

This tremendous rifle is not so easy to get unless you are willing to spend $18000. But, let me tell you that if you do spend such an enormous amount on this gun, it’ll be worth it.