Collectibles and Memorabilia

This page features the neat stuff that comes thru the shop often accompanied  by firearms as part of small and large collections.

These items usually sell quickly so if you have an interest in them please inquire.

loading tool 1

loading tool 2

A unmarked bullet seating tool for the .44-.77 Sharps cartridge.  Top of the plunger has traces of numbers and/or letters but are not legible. $250.00

Japanese surgeons knife

The tag on this knife indicates that it is a Japanese surgeons knife. Actually it is a survival knife primarily used by Japanese WW2 pilots.  $125.00

A Hazard Powder Co tin “Kentucky Rifle Gunpowder


Notice the unusual brass colored medallion above the label it reads “Hazards Powder Co  Hazardville Conn”.  Very nice with much original paint and no dents.  $125.00

A mint and nearly new barrel for a Winchester Model 1906 .22 Cal Rifle.

Winchester Model 1906 .22 Cal Rifle

Winchester Model 1906 .22 Cal Rifle 2

Winchester Model 1906 .22 Cal Rifle 3

Came on a gun showing much use, apparently re-barreled during its working lifetime.


If you like shotshell boxes, have a look here. Inquire on specific boxes for details.









And some vintage air rifle shot.

air rifle shot