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Once the basic action has been fitted to the wood,  the exact positioning of the butt plate can be considered with respect to the top line of the comb, cast-off, etc. Make these measurements carefully and proceed as in fitting the action.  Once fitted, I like to remove most of the excess wood adjacent to the respective part.  It goes away in a hurry and gives a feeling of progress. Note in the pictures below that about 1/16″ of wood is left in excess.  This excess can be removed during the final shaping and sanding.  When finish sanded, the wood will stand about .005″ to .010″ above the mating metal surfaces. This allows for a future refinishing of the stock should that be necessary for some reason.



The top picture above shows the butt plate fitted and removal of wood adjacent to it. Notice the wood is standing about 1/16″ over the metal. The large block of wood left on the sides of the stock are taken off last as they provide a good place to grip the stock in the vice as wood removal proceeds.  A nearly finished stock shows the wood standing just above the metal.

Below are pictures of the wrist area where the stock meets the action. Notice the 1/16″ of wood here as well. Another reason for leaving a little extra wood at this point is shown in the first picture below. Notice the inadvertent arrow shaped dent caused by a tool that dropped on it.  This will be no problem to remove in the final shaping/sanding.



Pictured below are several shots of the forend detail of this rifle.  The wood has been shaped but awaits final shaping/sanding.


hwforendalone small





Below, notice that the forend mounting lug mortise is complete, but another mortise needs to be completed for the mainspring.  On the next page, details of the spring mortise are shown.


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