Restoration and Conservation

The subject of firearms restoration is at once one of individual consideration and proper conservation in the context an objects historical origin. Successful restoration will reflect not only correct technical and visual changes but include appropriate consideration of material, technique, and stability as well.

Restoration in the case of damage or correction of previously done inappropriate efforts is a rather straight forward process. The resulting work will reflect consistency with the overall condition, patina and individual characteristics of the firearm in terms of form and function. Efforts to achieve these goals can be quite time consuming and labor intensive, sometimes requiring the work of two or more specialists. Therefore, a financial consideration as it relates to the objects value upon completion is always a significant factor in a decision on whether or not to proceed.

Antique and collectable arms that are unaltered and original but suffering from a lack of condition are usually best left ‘as is’. Attempts at restoration of these arms are often cost prohibitive and worse, results in an object that technically never really existed. Removing blemishes, dents, scratches, and sharpening worn edges and corners on a wood stock, for example, can result in a stock that is smaller than the original by 1-2% or more in some areas.

From the forgoing it is apparent that, while restoration may be viable and even recommended in some cases, serious and careful consideration must be exercised before proceeding. We will be happy to assist in making these determinations and to under take any work in the most professional manner.