Specialty work that I do

Rust bluing

Rust blue is a traditional finish appropriate for many vintage double guns and some sporting rifles. The blue is a result of very mild acid etch which is boiled between coats. The heat of the boiling water causes the rust oxide to turn blue. Thus the blue finish is part of the barrel steel, not a surface treatment. A successful outcome is dependent on proper and diligent preparation of the steel to be blued, therefore I insist on doing this metal preparation.

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Spring making is not a dark science, it just takes years of experience to make a proper spring. This is a partial list of the types of springs that I have made.

Mainsprings, sear and frizzen springs for many antique locks. Shotgun top lever springs. Various internal springs for Winchesters and the like. Trigger springs of all sorts. The most challenging job was for a Purdey self opening shotgun….in this case the lower limb pressured the hammer while the upper limb opened the gun and timed the ejectors.

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In many cases, welding a broken part is the only efficient way to repair it. A percussion or flintlock hammers are examples. Cosmetic welding to fill holes and severe oxidation pitting can be done in some cases. Tips of sears and triggers, tumbler and hammer notches are more examples. All work is done with the latest technology including micro welding.

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Machine/file work

Sometimes it is more efficient to make a new part rather than try to repair it or occasionally the part is missing entirely. Lock tumblers and various internal parts, odd and one of a kind screws, sight parts, etc, etc. Shown below is a forend escutcheon that I made because the original one on gun #1 of a pair was missing.

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